The Philippian Jailer

Paul and Silas were apostles of Jesus, who went around the country preaching the Word of God. They were given many powers from Him that they could use for good.

One day, they came upon a poor slave girl who was possessed by demons. A demon had taken over her soul. Because of this demon, she could tell the future.

This poor girl’s masters were using her to tell people’s fortunes. For a small price, you could find out what was going to happen to you soon. The girl did not know what was happening, because a demon was inside her.

One of the powers God had given Paul and Silas was the power to release people from demons. So, Paul said, “Demon, get out!” And she was saved.

But, her masters were angry. They were upset because they were making money off the girl. They went to the judges and told them, “These men have taken away our way to make money!”

And so, the judges ordered Paul and Silas to be put in jail. The people were angry that they had done this, because they wanted their futures told.

Paul and Silas were treated terribly in this cell. They were chained to the wall, and the guards beat them! This went on all night long.

If this happened to you, what would you do? You would probably get angry or fight back. Paul and Silas did neither. They withstood it with strength, praying and singing hymns to God.

Then, in the middle of the night something wonderful happened! There was a great earthquake. The jail shook, and the walls came tumbling down. The chains broke, and Paul and Silas were free. All the other prisoners were free too!

As the prisoners began walking out of the cell, the jailer came. He was very upset to see that they were escaping. “I can’t go on!” he said. “If they find out I let the prisoners escape, I will be put to death! So, I will kill myself first!”

At this, Paul and Silas said, “Do not kill yourself! All is not lost! Look, the prisoners are all still here. Do not be afraid.”

Then, they told the poor jailer to get on his knees, and pray to God. They told him about God, and the eternal life he could have if only he gave his life to Him.

The jailer prayed and accepted God as his savior. He took all the prisoners to his house, fed them and let them wash. Then, he and his family listened to Paul and Silas tell the teachings of Jesus.

The next day, the jailer went to the judges. He told them all that had happened, and said it was God’s will that the prisoners be set free. The judges agreed, and let them go!

Please feel free to print out and use this child bible story but please do not post it on your site or blog- it’s mine.


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